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We Are Seeking Investors: Help Fund Major Capital Projects

Are you looking to invest in a proven corporation which has an unwavering commitment to youth development? Dream Sports Group, LLC, is seeking investors to help fund major projects in all sports.  Your funds will be applied to a project and you will receive up to a 15% return on your investment in 365 days.  
  • Level One Investor: $500 will get you started and will earn a 3% return in 365 days
  • ​Level Two Investor: $2,500 will get you started and will earn a 6% return in 365 days
  • Level Three Investor: $5,000 will get you started and will earn a 9% return in 365 days
  • ​Level Four Investor: $10,000 will get you started and will earn a 12% return in 365 days
  • ​Level Five Investor: $20,000 will get you started and will earn a 15% return in 365 days​

We Are Seeking Regional Directors: The Guiding Stars in Youth Sports

Are you a coach or trainer with a deep passion for sports? Dream Sports Group, LLC, is expanding our team and looking for individuals like you to step into the role of Regional Scout. This is more than a position—it's a calling for those who have the foresight to recognize talent and the dedication to nurture it.  Below are ways you will make income:
  • Help run camps in all sports in your region
  • ​Create youth sports leagues in your regions
  • Assist with operations in our All-American games
  • Guide athletes/families in the recruiting process
  • ​Use our recruiting software and register high schools and organizations

Dream Big. Scout Wide. Impact Deep.

At Dream Sports Group, LLC, we are driven by a vision that sees every young athlete's potential realized on the grand stage of collegiate sports. We know the journey from the youthful exuberance of high school fields to the hallowed halls of college athletics is one of determination, talent, and the right guidance. That’s where you come in.

Our Mission: Elevating Potential to Opportunities

Our model is laser-focused on youth and high school sports across all disciplines. We understand that athletic prowess knows no bounds and can be found in every sport. As a Regional Scout, your mission will be to identify and cultivate the next generation of champions, those who will not only excel in their chosen sports but also embody the spirit of student-athletes at the collegiate level.

The Dream Sports Group, LLC Advantage:

  • Supportive Environment: Join a team that backs each other up, shares knowledge, and celebrates every win.
  • Expansive Network: Leverage our broad network of college coaches and scouts to give your athletes the best exposure.
  • ​Professional Growth: Grow within a company that values your expertise and gives you the platform to shine.
  • ​Meaningful Impact: Make a lasting impact on the lives of young athletes, guiding them towards a bright future.​

Step One


Complete Qualification Form to see if a Scouting Position is right for you.

Step Two


Phone call to discuss your background and connection with athletes.

Step Three


Meet the leadership team and discuss duties, timeframes and earning potential.  

Step Four


Welcome to the Dream Team!

Begin the process today!
Please complete the Qualification Form.  We will contact you if you are selected to move on to step two, the Exploration Phase!


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